What is the CASCADE toolbox?

The CASCADE toolbox is an open source MATLAB™ toolbox for the application of CASCADE. The toolbox allows for the integration of dams and barriers as well as external sediment contribution to the network. Applications include impact assessment of dam portfolios, identification of dominant sources of sediment, or visualizing basin-scale sediment connectivity under alternative sediment management strategies. The toolbox is equipped with interactive visualization tools for displaying the model outputs and exploring the alteration caused by disturbances.

Who should use CASCADE toolbox?

The toolbox is designed for researcher, practitioner and students with at least basic knowledge of fluvial geomorphology and river system modeling. To use the toolbox, skills on how to operate within the MATLAB™ environment are required. CASCADE toolbox is freely available on the relative website, and is completed with a user guide and a toolbox manual; the functions and scripts also display comments and suggestions, to ease the comprehension of the model functioning and to encourage the customization of the code.

Where can I download it?

You can download the toolbox Here.