In this page and the one linked we provide short summaries on the main topics covered by CASCADE. The informations supplied are designed to just give a general idea of the themes involved, and are by no means exaustive. We suggest to use the provided references and the CASCADE user manual to learn more.

What is CASCADE?

(CAtchment Sediment Connectivity And DElivery) is a flexible modelling framework that aim to describe river sediment connectivity at basin scale. …More.

What is the CASCADE toolbox?

CASCADE toolbox is an open source toolbox containg the operations necessary to run CASCADE from a river network extracted from a Digital Elevation Model and to interactively explore the model outputs. …More.

What is river sediment connectivity?

Sediment connectivity is a fundamental property of river network. It describes the multiple sediment delivery processes occurring in the network, from sediment detachment from banks and hillslopes to sediment deposition in sinks and deltas. Preserving natural sediment connectivity is necessary for the well-being of the river systems and all the ecosystem and human populations depending on its resources and services. …More.