CASCADE toolbox is freely available, and requires MATLAB 2017b or higher, with the Text Analytics Toolbox and the Bioinformatics Toolbox.

Downloads links

  • Download here the latest CASCADE toolbox release from the GitHub repository.
  • Download here the toolbox user guide (direct download)


For the extraction of the river network graph from a Digital Elevation Model, CASCADE requires the functions from TopoToolbox 2.2, a Matlab based open souce software for topographic analysis (Schwanghart and Scherler, 2014).

Link to TopoToolbox website

  • Schwanghart, W., Scherler, D., 2014. TopoToolbox 2 – MATLAB-based software for topographic analysis and modeling in Earth surface sciences. Earth Surf. Dyn. 2, 1–7. [DOI: 10.5194/esurf-2-1-2014]